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Tue, 22 Aug 2017   22:17:55
Adjudged Strategy:
02 Dec 2016 14:34:25
The former Sri Lanka Tourism Chairman recognized by WTO /PATA

Dec 02, 2016 (SLBO) - The Sri Lanka tourism strategy presented Dr Nalaka Godahewa as the Chairman of Sri Lanka Tourism at the WTO/PATA conference in Guilin China in 2011 has been recognized by World Tourism Organization (WTO) as one of the best country strategy presentation made during the 2007-2015 period. WTO /PTA has included the entire speech and the presentation of Dr. Godahewa in its recent publication of tourism trends and outlook 2007-2015. Only a handful of presentations made over the years have been picked for this prestigious publication.

This is the first time a speech made by a Sri Lanka tourism official has been included in the WTO/PATA publication on global tourism trends and outlook.

During his very short tenure as head of Sri Lanka Tourism Dr Nalaka Godahewa’s capabilities and strategic thinking was well recognized by the world tourism body. Following the impressive performance in Guilin, China, Dr. Godahewa was also invited to speak at the WTO Annual conference 2012 in Madrid, Spain which was a very rare honor for Sri Lanka. However Dr. Godahewa could not speak in Madrid as moved out of Sri Lanka Tourism in August 2012 to assume duties as Chairman of Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka.

In 2014 WTO once again invited Dr. Nalaka Godahewa to be part of a prestigious panel of 148 academics selected from 43 countries to compile a world tourism encyclopedia. The Tourism Encyclopedia, which took two years to complete was published in 2016 by the world tourism organization. The book is also available online.