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Ramayana Trails:
05 Dec 2015 01:18:27
Discover Ramayana Trails at best rates from Flywing Tours’

Dec 05, 2015 (SLBO) - One of the leading travel companies in Sri Lanka Flywing Tours had been offering great and exclusive offers to discover ‘Ramayana Trails’ in Sri Lanka for over two decades and set to attract more Indian tourists into the country. The Ramayana Trail had been in existence for a while and according to Flywing Tours Chairman Kingsly Dharmarathna the company had been promoting Sri Lanka and country’s Ancient History and Natural Beauty aggressively over the years to a larger number of Indian tourists.

Flywing Tours Chairman Kingsly Dharmaratna

“We have grouped together all the sights related to Ramayana and will develop further packages around it, so more and more tourists can visit Sri Lanka and discover Ramayana Trails” Dharmarathna said adding that the Ramayana Trail will cover half the country – the central part going down to the Southern coast. The company had specially developed that focuses on ‘The Ramayana Trail’ offering travel packages on important sites with links to Ramayana, including Ramboda, Nuwara Eliya, Ella, Galle, Chilaw, Mannar, etc. The data shows that last year, Sri Lanka welcomed approximately a quarter of a million Indians and the Ramayana Trail is expected to boost the numbers further. Apart from the Ramayana Trail, dolphin and whale watching in the southern and north-western coast of Sri Lanka is also being actively promoted to the India tourists by Flywing Tours.

The great epic "Ramayana" tells about Dharma, which is the substratum for happy living. Rama and Sita lived an ideal life and showed us the path of virtue and wisdom. According to the Ramayana Trail Sita was kept in Ashoka Vatika in Sri Lanka and after Hanumanji came to Sri Lanka and found Sita. Later Rama came to Sri Lanka with his military forces and killed Ravana and got Sita back. This is the brief history of ‘Ramayana Trail’ in Sri Lanka. According to wishes of most Indian travelers Flywing Tours first and foremost offer visits of famous Ramayana sites including to Sita Eliya, Sita Amman Temple, Ashoka Vanam in the central highlands, or famous ancient Hindu places of worship such as Trincomalee , Shankari Devi Shakthi Peetam Temple in the North East of the island, as a holiday tour and as a pilgrimage at the same time. There are no ancient ruins of castles or palaces from ‘Ramayana Trails’ but the most Ramayana sites are hills, rocks, caves, waterfalls, streams, ponds, openings in the wood, bare lands, and a few temples.

Sri Lanka-Ramayana Tours offered by is a special website for promoting Hindu journeys, and owned by Flywing Tours. Since company’s inception in 1992, Flywing Tours offers well qualified and trained English, Hindi or Tamil speaking Guides for your own pilgrimage tours. Company also offers offer tailor-made solutions according to your ideas and preferences in the first place.

Company’s Chairman Kingsly Dharmarathna is the Chairman of Ramayana Tours (Pvt) Ltd., Fly Wing Tours (Pvt) Ltd., Fly Wing Travels (Pvt) Ltd., Ramayana Transport Service, Lanka Properties, Negombo Residence Tourist Home Stay and a Director of Sirisangabo Special Disabled School. Dharmarathna is a former Tourist Guide Lecturer in English and German language and a Specialist Consultant on Historical Ramayana Legend in Sri Lanka. The more information on Ramayana Trails could be discovered through and or visiting No 80/A, Lewis Place, Negombo, Sri Lanka or calling (+94) 31 22 274 33, (+94) 77 25 25 2071 or (+94) 777 329 900.

Flywing Tours is only 10 kilometers away (15 minutes driving) from the Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport located in Katunayake. The company is experienced and offer expertise services in all travel related issues in Sri Lanka. Flywing Tours airport representative who is reachable 24 hours every day will welcome you on arrival and care for your transport, whether it is by a car with a private chauffeur-guide or by bus with a national guide.